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Are you interested adverting your business on our Blog?
Here is the terms and costing for your consideration.
– Currently we support banner 125 x 125, 250 x 250, 300 x 250
– Graphic format: GIF, JPEG, or Animated GIF not lager than 80kb.
The Subscription Fee could be by Quarterly (3mth, 6mth, 9mth, 12mth)
Samples of the size

250 x 250 or 300 x 250 (RM 40 Per Month)

125 x 125 (RM 10 Per Month)

The said banner will placed on the sidebar (right hand of website), it will display random with other advertisers subscribe.

Your banners will be published once your payment is confirmed and it will be display until it’s expired.
All Activities and link to page must comply with the law of Malaysia, Illegal, porn, gambling site, etc. will not be allowed and no refund will be given if the link site is found to consist of illegal activities against the law of Malaysia.