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Amazing Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam means the Island of Crabs in the Malay Language. As the name suggests, the island is rich in crabs and other seafood. The mangrove island situated in the state of Selangor covering 30 square kilometers was settled 150 years ago. The island city has more than 3,000 houses, with a population that has grown from less than a hundred to more than 30 thousand at one point. Pulau Ketam 在马来语解译为螃蟹岛,顾名思义螃蟹是盛产之地。在150多年前因为鱼产捕获而聚居此地至今,位于马来西亚雪兰莪州面积为30平方公里的红树林海岛而立之城,拥有三千多房屋悬立在海面上,人口从几十人发展至今至今三万多,随着海产的减速许多人迁移仅有七千多人依然的居住美丽的海岛。