Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE

The Samsung Galaxy S4 with 4G LTE and Qualcomm’s 1.9GHz Quad-Core processor is finally listed on Samsung Malaysia’s website. For those who didn’t know, the Galaxy S4 is available in 2 versions – (9500) non-LTE with Samsung’s own Exynos Octa-core processor and the (9505) LTE version that runs on Qualcomm’s quad-core processor. When it was launched in Malaysia, only the non-LTE version was made available with the retail price of RM2,199.

Maxis has started ‘banner’ on their website the 4G model coming soon. In term of availability it should be available soon.

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Word has it that the Galaxy S4 LTE version would be a priced slightly higher than the current non-LTE version. However it is worth pointing out that the S4 LTE model (GT-9505) that’s coming here will be equipped with 32GB of storage. As comparison, the current non-LTE Galaxy S4 comes with just 16GB capacity and with only about half of its storage available for use.

In fact HTC One is priced at RM2, 299 and it come with 32GB of storage and LTE support. The question is, how much more will the Samsung 4G LTE version be? Hope it can be comparability pricing among other brands.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE here.